It's hard to find eco-friendly home decor products that make your rooms shine without taking a significant hit to your bank account. Not only that, home decor isn't often worth talking about for more than a few seconds. "Where did you get it? How much did it cost?" Conversation over. Greener Valley is a little different...
We work with a small group of artisans that take discarded stumps left behind by the logging industry to make beautiful products that would otherwise be left to rot, or worse, burned.
Each stump can make several dozen hand carved decor items, turning something that was abandoned into a beautiful center-piece for any home. Removing these stumps speeds up the renewal process for the forest, creates jobs for a developing community, and creates a beautiful product with a story behind it.
It's a win for the community, it's a win for the ecosystem, and it's a win for the consumer.

Our Happy customers!

I'm amazed at how much nicer these are in person than they look online. So happy with my purchase.

Teresa F.

I got a bowl and a cutting board that I double as a serving platter and my guests always want to know where to get them!

Tiffany L.

When I bring these out for special occasions they are always a talking piece. I love love love my new bowls!

Michael S.

I love the piece. Thanks so much!

Coming Soon:

Sea grass baskets are all hand woven from renewable sea grass grown on the river banks in Northern Vietnam.  Some styles are made with recycled vinyl handles for better comfort, some are natural for a more traditional look.  Sea grass LOVES the water.  Soaking them in water will restore their color and shape.  Various color patterns and styles are available, below are the most popular styles we carry.