Our Story

We make the most unique wedding gifts out of recycled, renewable and sustainable materials since 1967. Our founder, Dave Heifetz, has been in the sustainable industry for 40 years. He did sustainable before it was the cool thing to do. He started out recycling old clothes and later started travelling the world to see what sort of sustainable products were out there.

That's when he stumbled on the beautiful Sham Mu wood. Some local artisans noticed what a shame it was to just leave these stumps in the ground, preventing a new generation of trees from prospering. So they made use of these discarded stumps and turned them into something elegant and beautiful. 

Dave fell in love immediately and realized that people in the west should have these products. Not only will it help clear the land of discarded stumps left over from the logging industry, but giving a small boost in the economy for a developing community.

Shan Mu wood carvers turn trash into gold. Take a look at our collection and imagine how your kitchen could have that extra spark!
Every single product is different because every single root is different. Add something to your home that is elegant and truly one-of-a-kind.