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Shan Mu Root Wood

The Shan Mu Tree is a Cypress Tree that the locals refer to as a Chinese Fir. It is logged in the Fijian Province of China's lush coastal region. We work with a small group of artisans in a coastal village of the Fijian Province that reclaims the remaining stumps.  

The story of the Shan Mu root wood is a story about a community creating it’s own industry after a larger company would come through, cut down the trees for the production of furniture and then leave behind the stumps and roots.  

Local craftsman discovered that this beautiful wood could be repurposed into some beautiful yet functional works of art. Local entrepreneurs would go out and dig up the stumps and sell them to the root wood factory who required more stock for their craft. 

A number of years ago this factory was a small family run business that was started and run by the father, with the help of his sister, and is now owned and run by his son.  While the business was still small, a friend who was a very successful businessman in his own right spent 3 years with the son at the factory improving the craft and the business. Thanks to the help of this friend the business has grown to be a very successful business employing a good number of people from the local community.  To add to their business of selling their craft they have won numerous awards for the quality of their craftsmanship.  When you buy one of these pieces of art you take home a uniquely crafted item that plays an integral role in supporting an entire community.